Category: Credential Stealing

Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) systems are widely used by enterprises to provide secure remote access to their employees. VPN allows for easy access to the infrastructure, but it also opens up the corporate network to the internet. All VPNs use password-based authentication which is susceptible to various types of attacks. Many enterprises use 2FA to […]

Atharva Chincholkar September 4, 2020 Credential Stealing

In the advent of widespread electronic communication we relied on a password for verifying the identity of a person. As it turns out, passwords are not secure enough to trust most information with. Two Factor Authentication to the rescue! right? Well, it’s not so easy. As systems have become secure, the attackers have shifted their […]

Atharva Chincholkar August 26, 2020 Credential Stealing

In the recent news by we have learnt that Google was ‘forced’ again, this time by Evina Research group, to remove 25 credential stealing apps from its Android play store with 2.34 Million combined installations. Out of the 25 listed applications, PureID Security Team analysed few, to learn modus-operandi of these apps. Abstract of […]

Khush Bhatt July 6, 2020 Credential Stealing