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Srishti Chaubey

April 2, 2024


Amidst the fear of breaches and mishaps, a beacon of hope emerges : PureAUTH CASPR. This innovative solution redefines code security by tackling the inherent vulnerabilities in source control systems, paving the way for a new era of trust and integrity in software development.


Source control, pivotal in any project, demands vigilance against malicious code. Yet, traditional commit signing places the onus on developers, leaving organizations vulnerable to rogue actors. Enter PureAUTH CASPR, a security revolution for a paradigm shift in securing code repositories.

Security Challenges

For IT security teams, configuring repositories and user access control is paramount. Meanwhile, developers grapple with integrating security practices without impeding release cycles, especially in large teams where enforcing consistency proves daunting.

Developer Challenges

Security is a luxury, not a necessity between the junior developers. Deadlines, Lack of Awareness, and human error at developer's side is very much possible. Such occurrences can compromise the CI/CD pipeline, and allow un-trusted commits and data to seep in.

GitGuardian saw a massive 1,212x increase in the number of OpenAI API keys leaked on GitHub compared to 2022, leaking an average of 46,441 API keys per month, achieving the highest growing data point in the report.

Our Solution

PureAUTH CASPR empowers organizations to uphold a trusted codebase through seamless integration with user-authenticated profiles. By leveraging trusted signing keys tied to corporate machines, developers ensure commit integrity while thwarting insider threats upon employee separation.

Key Benefits

  1. Trust Your Keys, Zero Trust: Generate GPG key-pairs recognised and trusted by PureAUTH using AuthVR5. Reject commits signed with unauthorised keys.
  2. Revocation On Departure: Revoke signing keys instantly when employees leave, directly from Active Directory, eliminating the risk of delayed access removal.
  3. Passwordless Authentication, Security Made Easy: Utilise passwordless authentication for DevOps platform login, eliminating password leaks and phishing threats.
  4. Effortless Key Management: Developers can easily generate GPG keys and configure repositories, streamlining the authentication process.
  5. Trust But Verify: Verify each commit in the CI/CD pipeline, ensuring it's signed with AuthVR5-generated keys by current organization-affiliated developers.

How it Works

  1. Administrator onboards users onto PureAUTH platform.
  2. User creates AuthVR5 profile.
  3. User generates trusted GPG key-pair.
  4. Repository configured for AuthVR5 commit signing.
  5. User signs commits using AuthVR5.
  6. Code pushed to DevOps platform.
  7. Code Defender CI/CD module verifies signatures.
  8. Deployment halted if checks fail; admin notified.
CASPR, Code Security Revolution Process

With PureAUTH CASPR, the era of compromised code and breached repositories draws to a close. Embrace the future of code security, safeguarding your digital assets with confidence and resilience.

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