Protect Your Privacy on X: Understanding the IP Address Sharing Issue


Srishti Chaubey

March 15, 2024

Protect Your Privacy on X: Understanding the IP Address Sharing Issue: Feature Image


X, formerly Twitter, launches voice and video calls, sparking privacy concerns among users about IP address sharing. Protecting personal information becomes paramount, prompting users to explore disabling options within X's settings for enhanced privacy awareness and protection.

The Issue

X's calling feature shares users' IP addresses with callers by default, potentially exposing sensitive location details. This means that when you make or receive a call on X, the other party can see your town, city, or postcode without your explicit consent.

The Risk

Exposing your IP address on X can lead to privacy risks, including location tracking and potential harassment. This information can be used by malicious actors to identify your physical location and possibly target you with unwanted communication or even physical harm.

Twitter DMs should have end to end encryption like Signal, so no one can spy on or hack your messages - Elon Musk (28 Apr 2022) X Sharing IP Address

In his April 2022 tweet, Musk explicitly advocates for end-to-end encryption in Twitter DMs to prevent spying or hacking of messages. This reflects his strong belief in the need for robust security measures to protect users' privacy and sensitive information. However, the recent implementation of X's calling feature, which shares users' IP addresses by default, appears to contradict Musk's commitment to data security.

Safeguarding Yourself

Here's how you can protect your IP Address from being exposed:-

1: Access Your Settings: Open the X app and go to your profile picture icon to access your account settings.

2: Navigate to Privacy Settings: Select "Settings and Privacy," then choose "Privacy and Safety" to find the relevant options.

3: Disable IP Address Sharing: Find the option related to audio and video calling settings in the "Direct Messages" section. Toggle off the default setting that shares your IP address with callers. This will prevent others from seeing your location when you make or receive calls on X.

4: Verification: After disabling the default setting, verify that the feature is indeed turned off to ensure your IP address won't be shared during calls.

User Awareness:

It's important to raise awareness among X users about the default setting that shares IP addresses during calls and how to disable it. By informing others about this issue, you can help protect their privacy as well.


By understanding the issue and taking proactive steps to disable IP address sharing, you can enjoy the benefits of X's calling feature while minimising potential risks to your privacy and security. Stay informed and vigilant to safeguard your personal information online.

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