PureAUTH – Passwordless Authentication Platform

Pure​AUTH​ is a cloud-based platform that uses Proof-of-Association, a passwordless authentication method invented by PureID. PureAUTH is designed to provide a highly secure and reliable authentication, without using passwords.


Authentication Isolation

Handles authentication at the edge. Reduces attack surface.



Distributed Multi-factor authentication, highly secure, reliable and resilient.


Designed to Perform

Highly customisable design which is scalable and available as per need.


Proof-of-Association involves construction, verification & validation of an enterprise user’s Identity using multiple distributed factors. It is a secure and resilient authentication scheme

How it Works

The workflow of PureAUTH passwordless authentication platform involves 3 simple steps.
1 Enterprise-Onboard

Enterprise Onboarding

PureAUTH provides a simple interface for onboarding an enterprise. Once onboard, an enterprise can enroll its resources with Snap-on-App integration to leverage passwordless authentication.

2 User-Profile-Provisioning

User Profile Provisioning

A sync between PureAUTH platform & HRMS/AD is maintained to control the user’s profile in VR5 App running on user’s smartphone.

3 Authentication-Access-enforcement

Authentication & Access to Application

  • An enterprise application posts a challenge through a QR Code.
  • When a user scans the QR Code with a valid VR5 profile on his smart-phone, an access request along with Proof-of-Association is submitted to PureAUTH platform.
  • PureAUTH platform verifies and validates the Proof-of-Association. A Grant Access response is sent to the application if verification is successful.

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