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In the recent news by we have learnt that Google was ‘forced’ again, this time by Evina Research group, to remove 25 credential stealing apps from its Android play store with 2.34 Million combined installations. Out of the 25 listed applications, PureID Security Team analysed few, to learn modus-operandi of these apps. Abstract of […]

Khush Bhatt July 6, 2020 Credential Stealing

In this blog, we are going to discuss one of the many (and we mean MANY) use cases of our passwordless authentication platform – PureAuth.  We are working with a number of organisations that use AWS services. For contingency and serviceability reasons, the organisations share the access to AWS console with multiple admins. However, this […]

Ajit Hatti June 25, 2020 Passwordless

Passwords are at the foundation of security and access control ever since humans felt the need of securing resources and access to it. Passwords have been used and abused since millennium and the best documented example of this is “Open Sesame”.  The surprising fact is even after millennium passwords are ubiquitous, and mean anything but […]

Ajit Hatti May 31, 2020 Uncategorized