VR5 Application & SDK

VR5 application is a home for Association-based-Identity. It is a phone based application which holds various factors needed by a user to prove association with an organisation.


VR5 application features are also available as an SDK. An enterprise can integrate VR5 SDK in its own application and offer passwordless authentication to its users.


Multiple Profiles

For multiple associations or roles. Each profile is secured with additional verification


Swift Login

Secure and smooth login using “Proof-Of-Association”


Share Securely

Multiple users can securely create profiles on a shared device

Smart Design

The thoughtfully designed VR5 application offers unmatched features:

  • Eliminates scope for accidental authentication.
  • Involves Proof-of-Presence to avoid credential sharing frauds.
  • Supports on device app-to-app authentication
  • Dynamic and ephemeral profile provisioning is possible on shared devices.

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