Frequently asked Questions

Thank you for taking interest in our technology and solutions. We have put this FAQ page to provide a brief explanation of terms, technology and methodologies that goes in our solutions. If you do not find answers to your queries here, please drop us a note and we will get back soon.

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  • PureAUTH is a cloud-based platform to provision, validate and verify user identity.
  • PureAUTH offers authentication isolation to your business application and enhances security and performance.
  • Unified Digital Identity (UDI) is an identity provisioned by PureAUTH platform for a user on user’s personal device.
  • UDI leverages as many as 6 different & distributed factors to define the identity of a user. UDI is cryptographically verifiable and validatable.

PureAUTH supports cloud-based (online) as well as on-premise (offline) authentication.

Biometrics is one of the many factors leveraged and extended by PureAUTH, the user’s biometric data is used on the user’s device and never leaves the device.

PureAUTH works with your existing SSO to make it passwordless.

PureAUTH supports multiple deployment scenarios and offers custom deployment as per your need.

Elimination of password, strict onboarding and operational procedures eliminates identity fraud and all possible attacks around passwords.

PureAUTH is based on independent Identity-centric approach offering unmatched privacy and security which exceeds the existing popular industry standards.

PureAUTH out-of-the-box supports authentication to:

  • Online applications
  • Isolated domain controlled systems
  • Business applications & utilities


PureAUTH can also be leveraged to:

  • Control physical access to premises
  • Access to vending machines and business utilities
  • Access secure printers and business machines
  • Visitor management systems and many more avenues.